Two drawings from the airport.

For a new collaborative BLOG I'm doing with my pal Andreas.

A useless map.

hadet - II

Some more illustrations from the book ''Hadet'':


lidt forskelligt

Some drawings I did recently for the Danish newspaper Politiken

hadet - I

A few months back I worked on this book called ''Hadet'', which translated means ''The Hate''. It's a war poem in 64 parts, written by Thorstein Thomsen and published by Carlsen. Each spread in the book has a poem and a full page illustration.

Here is the cover I did for the book:

Some research sketches of appropriate clothing:

And here are some of the illustrations:


azyme macht frei - before the grocery

A few months back I drew a 20 page comic for The Grocery #0. There's four out in series and they're all drawn by Guillaume Singelin and written by Aurelien Ducoudray. Grocery #0 tells the back stories of some of the characters, and was worked on by a few different artists, Guillaume among them and all written by Aurelien. 
I don't think any of the books are out in anything but French yet. 

Character design.

And some of the finished pages.