A few new drawings.

A very small grayscale illustration for the NYTimes. The first seven are sketches and the eighth is the final in gouache.


silence and more

A short comic for Nobrow's 9th magazine.

A spot color example.

The subtle character design.

A beautiful and elegant birthday card.

A revisit to an old character design.

Some faces.

Two fellas.



Been a while. Most of what I've done over the last months have had lengthy production periods, if you can call it that, which means I still can't post any of it yet. There's a deck of top trumps, a children's book and some short comics. Will tell you more soon. Also, the comic Burn Out, which has been done now for a few months, will finally be out soon in French, Dutch and German. No English publisher as of yet. I will keep you updated on that as well.

Until then, here's some random drawings.

Something I did for the BLOG I have on the side with my bud Monty. We've had a little break, but things should start rolling again soon.


And here's something a little geeky. I made some new PS brushes and tried to copy this painting I really like by Feininger. So this is all digital. 
Then I tried doing a comic with the same technique, but quickly dropped that idea.


pirate nights

A short comic I recently did for the New York Times private lives. 
You can see it in some context HERE.


burn out (VIII)

A final teaser for Burn Out.
Will be back soon with more practical info on the book.


a throng

A cover for the anniversary DVD of The Animation Workshop. Featuring a character from each of the bachelor films since they started the school.

A few of the characters:

A messy layout:

And the final cover:


jeg er william

Some months ago I illustrated my first children's book for Danish publisher Gyldendal. It's written by Kim Fupz Aakeson, whom I also did the graphic novel De Gale with a few years ago.

The cover for the book.

Character design.

Some of the final illustrations.