tome of the unknown / over the garden wall

Back in 2012 I did a number of character designs that I haven't been able to post before now. They were for a Cartoon Network short called Tome of the Unknown, created by Pat Mchale. It was later green-lighted by CN to become their first mini-series, and is now known as Over the Garden Wall.


politiken II

Here are two more illustrations done recently for the Danish newspaper Politiken.

Following the publication of the German version of Burn Out (avant-verlag), I was at the rather hectic comic festival in Erlangen. There, together with my bud Michael Ross, we had a small showcase of some originals, and signed a few books. Below are a few of the drawings I did.

I recently found this photo of an old drawing I did for someone in Saint Petersburg, in his copy of Obsolete. It shows a very typical Russian couple.

And something else. Freedom perhaps.



I recently started working freelance for the Danish newspaper Politiken. Here are some of my first drawings for them:



I had the great privilege of doing this years poster for the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

And here's a few of the scrapped ideas:


burn out - finally

Dear everyone. There's been an awful lot of delay concerning the birth of Burn Out (in book form). It's finally out now, in French and Dutch with publisher Casterman, and will be out in German with publisher avant-verlag in a matter of days.

Here is the cover:

And here's the three first chapter illustrations:


the one armed lady

I decided to do another test. A thorough one. Focusing on style, line and coloring techniques. So this is the one armed lady, an almost random character in an almost random environment. 

Here's a selection of the tests on style and line.

And here's a selection of the tests on rendering and coloring.

A few unrelated drawings.

Here's a little drawing I did together with my bud Bene.


men ikke i dag

Quite a few months ago I illustrated my first children's book. It's written by Kim Fupz Aakeson and published by Gyldendal. It just got published a little over a week ago in Danish. The title translated is: ''But Not Today'', and is about a little girl whose dog is died. She finds a way down to the land of the dead, brings him back, but it's not at all the same as before. It's about understanding and accepting death.

I have a lot of sketches and tests, but I'll post them below the illustrations. Here's the final pages, without the text:

And to the sketches. First off, I had to choose which type of dog she should have.

Then I had to figure out how the girl should look.

Then I made some different coloring tests. 
The first two are with watercolor and colored pencils. I liked the authentic feel, but I wouldn't know how to do an entire illustration like this, with the backgrounds and everything. Or perhaps I merely wussed out. The lack of control still gets me all sweaty and annoyed.

Here's are some with a more digital approach. They were fun to do, but I found them a little too distant and stylized for this story.

Here's another watercolor test, this time a little rougher.

Here's the first initial sketch of how the dead people and animals could look.

Here I thought I had found a balance between the digital and the analog feel.

So I tried it out on the first illustration of the book. It just didn't feel right. I went back to testing again.

In the end I figured that I needed both the flexibility of digital coloring and the authentic and feel of the hand drawn. I ended up cutting out all the characters and elements in paper, something I've never done before. Then I drew on them in pencil and scanned them with a black background so they were easily separated. And that's pretty much how I did all the final illustrations as well.

Oh, and a final thing, I did a pattern for the endpapers.