azyme macht frei - before the grocery

A few months back I drew a 20 page comic for The Grocery #0. There's four out in series and they're all drawn by Guillaume Singelin and written by Aurelien Ducoudray. Grocery #0 tells the back stories of some of the characters, and was worked on by a few different artists, Guillaume among them and all written by Aurelien. 
I don't think any of the books are out in anything but French yet. 

Character design.

And some of the finished pages.


shop, messiah & half-assery

Every now and again some folks have requested prints or books. I've been very bad at managing all that, so now my competent gorgeous wife is taking over when it comes to that stuff. She just made a little online boutique for all my junk. It's HERE.
*The sizes and prices of prints are not set yet. They will be printed on demand and there's still some things to figure out.
**I'm sorry about the prices of the Danish books. That's what books cost over there. Nuts!

An ethereal icon for my bud Benny.

Some drawings I did with my daughter as the art director.

toenails & people-pleasing

Two pages taken out of context. 

At times, when signing books, someone might ask for a pretty lady. Or Superman. You do what you can.



Two weeks ago I found myself at a very small and local comic book festival in Andenne, Belgium.
I'm not a big sketcher, but here's a few that I managed to squeeze out.

the beggar's remains

For Rotopol Press' Mystery Show.

making friends

A comic I did for the German edition of Le Monde diplomatique.

*A translation:
- I'll just nip out to the kitchen to fetch some snacks and drinks.
- I hope y'all like popcorn and lemo---
- Holy Zeus!

A few close-ups.

And just the lines.